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In short, what the Thalassotherapy ?

According to the official definition, "thalassotherapy is the simultaneous use under medical supervision in a preventive or curative purposes the benefits of marine elements." Therapeutic care are based on sea water and its derivatives: mud, sand, trace elements, minerals, etc. .

What are the indications and against indictaions a thalassotherapy cure ?

The marine environment is an ideal place for functional rehabilitation: post-traumatic and post-operative treatment, problems with rheumatism, back pain, heavy legs. The weight of a subject being two and a half times lower in sea water and fresh water, muscle work is reduced, and the constraints on the minimum bearing joints. Thalassotherapy and promotes greater mobility, while relieving pain. The marine environment is due to its high negative ions and iodine.

heated seawater allows the passage in the body trace elements, including sulfur, cobalt, fluorine, phosphorus and especially calcium, magnesium and potassium that act on bone healing and muscle building. The problems of neck pain (neck blocked), stress, insomnia, fatigue and hormonal factors can be positively solved in thalassotherapy.

Another indication

Thinness. A course conducted seriously can lose one to three pounds a week, and, above all, good habits. Iodine allows increasing the functioning of the thyroid, thereby accelerating the whole metabolism, including the degradation of fats. By physical and physiological action of marine treatments, thalassotherapy, which can add localized treatments like lymphatic drainage is recommended for treating cellulite.

Thalassotherapy is for all those who want to preserve their health.

Contraindications formal

Dermatoses (mycological diseases, infectious dermatitis, viral or oozing), allergic to iodine, hyperthyroidism, skin diseases (with the exception of psoriasis), structural or psychiatric disorders in the acute phase (psychoses, schizophrenia...) AIDS.

What is the difference between steam and sauna Whether ?

Eastern tradition (hammam) or Finnish origin (sauna), bath wet or dry heat makes you sweat and helps eliminate many toxins. Relaxing and cleansing, they help relieve stress, relax muscles and promote sleep.

Are there any cons-indications to the sauna and steam room ?

Heat bath has undeniable relaxing properties. For some, it promotes the natural balance between body and mind. Practiced regularly, it strengthens our resistance to stress conditions such as stress, infections, heat, cold, etc.

Steam hammam, also clears the respiratory tract and helps fight effectively against colds and coughs.
sauna, it has a beneficial effect on muscle aches, rheumatism, tension muscular, nervous and eliminates toxins.
except for some serious diseases, such as heart failure,'s acute infections (flu or bronchitis tuberculosis) or malignant tumors, sauna and steam room no problem.

Is that the non-curist accompagant can benefit from space Forme Marin ?

In the case of a cure or a hosted call in hotel residence (room) accompanying non-spa guest has access to our Fitness Area Marin (Heated indoor pool, sauna, hammam ...) during the period his stay. We also make available the Spa Kit (bathrobe, bath towel, sandals and hat).

In the case of a course hosted at the residence (apartment), the accompanying non-spa must pay for access to our Fitness Area Marin at a preferential price.

For one day, half-day or a la carte treatments without accommodation accompagant the non-spa guest will have to pay an entrance to our fitness area Marino.

Is there a daycare for children ?

Institutes Thalacap are not equipped to care for children. In the case of two adults hydrotherapy, it is quite possible to plan your care differently so that there is always a parent to monitor children.

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