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Discover the Camargue


The Camargue, single site and preserved in the Mediterranean Sea. Journey through the many hiking trails, vast wilderness in a bird park where animals roam surprise.

Formed from the Quaternary, the Rhone delta has grown to become over the centuries and is today the largest wetland in France. It is among the four largest deltas in Europe. Covering an area of ​​85,000 ha, the island of Camargue offers only 25,000 ha of cultivated land (mainly rice).

You are in a Regional Nature Park :

  • Help us maintain clean Camargue always win your garbage with you !
  • On the beaches, beware dunes are fragile: you do not install.
  • When hiking, stay on the trail and respect private property.
  • Never light a fire or barbecue.
  • Observe the animals and avoid the noise.
  • Pull over and park correctly on host areas provided for this purpose.
  • For your convenience, please have from May to October of mosquito repellent, sunscreen and water.