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Enjoy the Camargue

The Camargue offers many species an area where they can move freely in vast protected areas, the horse, the bull and the pink flamingo is the most iconic.

The Camargue landscape is marked by the influence of both water and salt water irrigation softens northern delta as seawater introduced for the production of salt further increases the salinity of the soil in the south. Several media are represented: the dunes, ponds and marshes, sansouires, lawns, meadows, riparian forest.

There are many opportunities to ride horses in the Camargue, it is true that the horse is the best way to break in his heart this unique nature.

Chunky, rustic, used to walk in the brackish ponds, white to fight against the spicy summer sun, it will show you how to better his country.

Alluvial plain where land and water is constantly mixed, the Camargue is a flat country of 85 000 ha, the gradients do not exceed 10m. It's a secret land, he must travel by foot, bicycle, horseback, with a pair of binoculars.